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baby-romanWhen my friend Liz, who I hadn’t seen since High School, contacted us to do a photo shoot of her 3 month old baby boy Roman while we were in CA on our road trip, I jumped at the opportunity!  I couldn’t wait to see Liz again, catch up on the last 13 years of life, and of course meet her adorable baby, Roman, and her sweet husband Antony.  Is she not the most stunning woman you’ve ever seen?  What’s even better is her heart is just as beautiful!
We had the chance to meet her husband Antony as he was walking out the door to work.  The two of them own a fantastic Limousine service in Orange and LA County.  They provide chauffeured driven Limos, Rolls Royces, Mercedes and Maybachs!  Check out their website here (Matebele Limo) if you’re ever looking for a fancy ride somewhere!
Now, to the main attraction of today’s photo shoot, baby Roman! Liz wanted really simple photos without any props, so we had planned on getting some delicate, serene sleeping photos of the little guy.  But, I made the mistake of accidentally waking him up when we got there. (I was just so excited to meet him! Can you blame me?) So instead of a sweet, serene, sleeping baby photo shoot, we got what I like to call “The many awesome faces of baby Roman” photos, which ended up being awesome, like this one here!  Luckily Liz and Antony loved them, and so did we!

See what I mean about these silly faces?!  I love this one and am so glad he was awake while we were there.  Every time I look at this it makes me laugh.
 I mean really… Is she not the most gorgeous mom you’ve ever seen?!
Liz and Antony, you have created quite the little angel!  Thanks for giving us the chance to capture him on film as we stopped through Cali. Can’t wait to see you next time!


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