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carolineCaroline and Joyce are adorable friends who met this year while attending Busan International High School together in Korea.  Joyce was born and raised in Busan, but spent 4 years studying abroad in America. Caroline happens to have been born and raised in Aaron’s hometown of Asheville, North Carolina!  Talk about a small world. She spent the last 2 years studying at a boarding school in the Philippines and moved to live here with her parents while her dad works as a professor at Kosin University on Yeongdo Island!  We instantly fell in love with these two!Aaron and I swore, after we did our last photo shoot in December and nearly caught frostbite on our fingers that we would never do another Winter photo shoot again. In fact, we even turned a few people down because it was just too cold.  But, the weather was starting to get warmer and when Caroline contacted us, we thought we could make it work!  Unfortunately, we did have a bit going against us for this shoot, besides the freezing temperatures, we had shivering girls in sundresses (looking adorable mind you), giant gusts of uncontrollable wind, a very harsh sun and people obliviously walking in the background of most of the shots, but I think we were able to capture some beautiful images, regardless… between frequent breaks of warming up with a blanket wrapped around them of course!  The show must go on right?!
Introducing the darling duo of Caroline and Joyce.

Congratulations girls!  Class of 2013.