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bo-gyumTwo weekends ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Jill’s co-teacher’s niece and nephew for a photo shoot at a park on the island where we live.  It was actually a really funny experience, considering the two kids (2 and 6) had only ever encountered a few foreigners in their short lifetime.  So, for them to show up and be greeted by a blonde lady and a guy with a shaved head was a bit shocking for the two of them… In fact, their shock was blatantly evident in their cries and the way they kept running away from us.  Luckily Jill’s co-teacher brought some pizza for us to all share, and within 30 minutes, the kids were used to us, and we were ready to shoot!
Since we can’t speak Korean fluently and they don’t know a lick of English, we just used the Korean we do know, like:
Look at me. (나 봐)
Pick up the ball. (공 집어)
Smile! (웃어)
Sit here. (앉아)
Come over here. (여기 와)
and basically let them play while we snapped away.
Luckily, we think it made for some beautiful – natural photos of the two of them.
Introducing big sister: Bo Gyum 보겸
…and little brother: Min Sung 민성



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