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jess-and-mayoLast week Jill and I had 5 days off for a Korean holiday called Chuseok.  It’s basically the Korean equivalent of American Thanksgiving and we usually use this time off every year to travel to Japan, but this year we decided to stay Koreaside to save money.  Since Chuseok is a holiday traditionally spent with family, we could think of no one else we’d rather spend it with than our long time-dear friends / Korean family, Jess and Mayo.  We hadn’t seen them since last June, so we were excited to get caught up with what they’ve been up to and to see their new awesome 3 bedroom villa in Itaewon. This trip was made even more special because it was the first time we’d seen them since Jess skyped Jill to tell us that they were pregnant, just days before our wedding in July! We are obviously beyond thrilled for them and can not wait to meet the little one next March, who we’ll treat as our own little nephew or niece, I’m sure. Jill has already been busy thinking up scarves, shoes, and other baby stuff that she can make for him/her.We spent two days stuffing our faces with delicious foreign food, playing cards, drinking craft brewed beer, chatting about life and love, hiking, walking, picnicking on the rooftop, shopping and just plain enjoying each others friendship and company.  On Sunday, we managed to sneak in a mini photo shoot with the two of them down by the Han River, the most famous river in Korea.  There were way too many photos to share, so I’ll leave you with a few of our favorites.  Enjoy!
*** Jess is an exceptionally talented cook, and has co-created 4 cookbooks, sold here on etsy. which are set to be published soon!  If you love a flare of Asian and happen to be a vegetarian, vegan, or just plain healthy, you will love her recipes!*** Jess is also a co-creator of SPACE, “a humble community center offering a comfortable, cozy environment for those seeking a healthy, mindful, and creative lifestyle.”  If you’re living in Seoul, I highly recommend checking it out and especially attending one of Jess’s “Mama’s Table” dinners, cooked entirely by her.  SPACE also offers daily yoga classes, taught by the one and only Dawn Kang, who we photographed back in June.*** Mayo may not have his own website, SPACE, or cookbooks, but he’s amazing in his own right!

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